Get Involved

Thank you for showing some interest in volunteering at King’s Gardens.

Volunteers have always played a critical role in all aspects of the restoration of King’s Gardens. So much so they even have their own garden! Dating back to 2008 when the ‘Stage 1’ bid was submitted, volunteers have informed the design of the project, working in partnership with Sefton Council and Capita Symonds.

Why Volunteer?

There are so many reasons to volunteer, everyone has their own personal reason, here are some of the main benefits:

  • Learn new skills
  • Have Fun
  • Make new friends
  • Be part of a community
  • Knowing your making a unique contribution
  • Take on a challenge
  • Volunteering looks great on your C.V.
  • Work alongside experts in their field

There are many volunteering opportunities available within King’s Gardens…

Why we love our Volunteers

Our volunteers put simply are the lifeblood of the Gardens. Without our small army of enthusiastic helpers, we would struggle to deliver the activities in the Gardens and the park users would miss their valuable contribution that helps bring these Gardens to life!

All volunteers receive full training and are support by Sefton Council who value the time and effort volunteers give to help support the parks.

Guided Walks Volunteer

We are looking to recruit enthusiastic volunteers to explain the history and the development of the park over the last century. This would be valuable experience for someone who is interested in learning about King’s Gardens and who enjoys working and communicating with people.

Visitor Centre Volunteer

The visitor point is at the Arts & Crafts Shelter.  A place where visitors can pop in and find out about the history of the gardens, volunteering and what’s on.  We are looking for volunteers to ‘meet and greet’ visitors and support them in finding out about the gardens.

Garden Volunteer

Garden Volunteer Ken planting the new urns in the Community Garden

The gardening volunteers focus their energy in the Community Garden.  This Garden was gifted to them as part of the restoration. In 2017 the group entered North West in Bloom Community Awards and were awarded Level 5- Outstanding.

The garden volunteers will be on site on Wednesday and Friday from 1:30-3pm. They will be meeting at the Arts and Crafts shelter (opposite the play area) where all tools and equipment is supplied. Please feel free to join them for the afternoon.

There is a maintenance and management plan written for the gardens, this identifies gardening activities to be undertaken by the grounds maintenance team and also garden volunteers.

Eyes and Ears Volunteer

Eyes and Ears volunteers play a very important role in the gardens helping Parks Officers to keep the gardens looking pristine. It is a great opportunity to spend time in the gardens highlighting areas for maintenance, vandalism and educating park users about positive park behaviour.  Training will be provided.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer


Wildlife form a very important part of King’s Gardens, and these volunteers will focus on waterfowl habitat and health particularly around the lake. Wildlife Conservation Volunteers will take part in bird watching, recording of species and information, interpretation and information signage as well as sharing this information with relevant wildlife groups e.g.. Swan Rescue, RSPB.

Events Volunteer

The Friends event group look to organise a number of events through the year from family fun days to outdoor cinemas.  If you would like to help organise events this is the volunteering opportunity for you.

Friends of King’s Gardens

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to join the friends group, the friends help to co-ordinate the volunteer activity within the Gardens. To find out more visit the Friends of King’s Gardens page.

If you are interested in any of these volunteering roles in King’s Gardens  please do not hesitate and contact The Friends of King’s Gardens 07486125409 or